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Wappgo consists of passionate designers, awesome creators , professional product leads & teammates with different stacks. From the most complex and amazing mobile apps to interactive websites and the finest AI, we tend to provide the best of these services so that all your innovative ideas are to be executed to absolute perfection. So with the ambition to provide you with the best experience and create a new working environment in this enormous IT world, Wappgo in itself is a masterpiece.

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We create solutions that leave you Awestruck. Boosting Businesses to Grow Quickly


Experience the next level of Professionalism. Every Project was delivered on time.


Peerless Solutions that are stunning. Get unmatchable quality for your business.


We help your business Go Big. Helping businesses turn into brands.


We are a team of Cool, Enthusiastic and Extra                    ordinary professionals with a deep & diverse tech stack catering to various business.                Fueled with the vision of building solutions that drive

the success of growing businesses. We have worked with SMBs, MSMEs, Start-up’s across the industries enabling them to grow their business digitally with the power of technology. Driven by Passion and Fueled with Creativity, our solutions are unique and deliver 100% client satisfaction.

What master says

Mr. LC Laxman

Chairman & Director Laxman Construction

We had been running our business successfully for over 10 years. But the wave of digitization asked us to have a presence in the digital world. We wanted our brand to represent our values and legacy in the Real Estate Industry. The initial conversation with team Wappgo was amazing. Excitement and enthusiasm in their work were stellar. The website was build in the expected time with sheer quality and I was happy to see our brand values reflecting in every part of it. Our customers are happy from the website and it is one of the best thing for us.

Mr. Lakhan Sharma

Cheif Editor, Khabar Madhya Pradesh

Social media has become the food for everyone today. We had a business model in mind and wanted to take it on digital platforms. The Wappgo team helped us turn our ideas, imaginations and discussions into a full-fledged social media platform. Developers and UI Designers are industry expert and have knowledge of user experience and creating user-centred screens. They automated a lot of tasks and helped me save time immensely. I would recommend this team to everyone with disruptive and challenging ideas. Great experience working with Wappgo.

Mr. Kishan Kumar

President RHRWA

Team Wappgo is very professional with its work and ethics. We had a time constraint in our project completion as the launch date was fixed. The team of Wappgo IT Services did an incredible job to reduce the time-to-market and help us achieve our target. Even in a short duration, the product was of the best quality. With multiple rounds of testing, it was working fine all the time. Amazed to see the passion in the team in overcoming any challenge.Our digital solutions are getting good reviews from the people and users in all terms. Great Job by the team wappgo .

Ms. Meera Bagadi

Product manager, Accounting World

Working with team Wappgo was an amazing experience. I had planned to take my business online with digital solutions but had very little idea of how it would happen. The legal businesses are tough digitally and that’s why I invested time in finding the right company to partner with. There were so many stages where the expertise of the developers at Wappgo IT Services came to help. I found my decision of working with an absolute spot on. Now, We have live websites running and the app is working absolutely fine even with lots of users.



NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement. A non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding contract that establishes a confidential relationship. The party or parties signing the agreement agree that sensitive information they may obtain will not be made available to any others. An NDA may also be referred to as a confidentiality agreement.


Yes, sure our team consists of creative designers and professional developers. So, you will be served with the best design and its resulting development.


Yes, we sign NDA to keep the confidentiality of your product and to keep your idea away from the public domain.


Yes, you will be assigned licence rights and appropriate copyright for the bespoke code that we write for your project. We are completely transparent with intellectual property rights, and you will get the opportunity to review our code ownership terms before we begin the project


Each of our development projects is allocated to an experienced project manager, who will remain in touch with clients during the working hours via email or phone and act as a single point of contact between the company and client and inform our clients about the progress of their projects.


Wappgo provides complete transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Our dedicated project manager ensures that you have the most up-to-date data and visibility via emails, reports, or phone calls. They will plan time-to-time meetings and let you know about the progress of your project.


A requirement document is a document containing all the requirements for a certain product. It is written to allow people to understand what a product should do. Starting from your home page to all the functionality that you want in your product. Requirement Document helps us to understand your needs & it also helps you in having the right vision related to your product.


We prefer Bank Wire Transfers & Cheque as well.


Fixed cost project is suitable when you need a perfect team for handling all of the Information Technology parts for you .!! whereas hiring developers gives you complete control over your resource and they will work as per your commands daily. So if you or your team have good knowledge in the IT domain and can plan the development process well then go for dedicated developers else a fixed-cost project is the best fit for you.


Absolutely, We are ever ready to listen to new ideas and help them with technologies & support.




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